Never Give Up

Young Athena Club hosts lunch meeting.


Isa Brown

Young Athena meets with inspiring speakers.

Isa Brown, Staff

During the 4th and 5th-hour lunch on April 29, The Young Athena Club met to listen to women share the stories of their life paths. Brooke Swayze(12)  joined Young Athena to be a part of an environment with other women that wanted a better future for themselves. She shares her favorite part of the meeting was, “hearing all the women speaking about their careers, and being vulnerable with us about their struggles they experienced” A notable quote from the speech to her was, “consistent themes that we make our lives our own. We should never give up on what makes us happy and take every opportunity to explore new things.”

Likewise, after going to a meeting with her friend and loving the uplifting atmosphere, Tina Dolezal (12) joined Young Athena. During the event, Dolezal enjoyed “hearing about how each woman ended up on her own path and all the experiences that led her there.” She exclaims how words of affirmation during the speech went a long way and acknowledges Lindsey Stevens who’s always putting in the extra effort to include everyone and make the meetings fun and informative. The event was a success and Young Athena is very thankful to the speakers that participated that day.