Summer Plans

Macy Evenson, Staff

As the end of the year approaches, everyone is getting excited and planning for summer. Many students already have their summer plans set in place. Summer is always a really fun time to travel and spend time with friends and family. “Spend time in Alaska with friends and family and prepare for college,” said Senneca Slocombe (12) when she was asked what her plans were for summer. Numerous Seniors are getting set to go to college this year as well. Emily Schweizer (12) said, “My summer plans are to work at my current job to pay for my car insurance until I go to college in Washington at the end of September. But I plan on going to the Van Gogh Exhibit with my friend and plan to enjoy my summer while I can.” While preparing for college the seniors are also spending time with friends and working at their jobs.

Another activity that the students are doing this summer is learning about musical instruments. “Learn to play acoustic guitar, and ukulele” Kendra Elrod (10) said after being asked what she was planning on doing over the summer. Several students are excited to sleep over the summer. “Sleep, vacation, forget Covid, hang out with friends,” Andrew Lesher (9) said were his summer plans. Many students will enjoy spending time with friends this summer especially because last summer everyone was in quarantine and could not spend time with friends and vacation or visit family.