Fierce with McPherson

Highland appreciates its teachers.

Ellie Mendez, Staff

Mr. Will McPherson is a treasured Highland teacher. Between co-leading Link Crew and his teaching in his special education classes, he has helped many students. Mr. McPherson has been especially impactful because of how he feels about being a teacher, saying, “The most rewarding part of being a teacher is being able to take care of and serve other people.” He is extremely passionate about his students, wanting to provide a safe space and give his students love, compassion, and attention, especially those who struggle the most. His student Olivia Demotte (11) said, “he’s really down to earth and humble and just really believes everyone deserves to be loved.” Mr. McPherson believes that a good way to spend his life is helping those in need. He loves to be able to connect with his students through open dialogue, being upfront and honest about himself, and letting his students know they can be the same. Another reason Mr. McPherson loves his job is because he is interested in people and their experiences and understanding other people’s lives, especially his students.