End of the Year Finals

Students prepare and discuss the value of final exams.

Maddie Landrum, Staff

The end of the year finals are finally here. How has it been affecting all of us, has it been stressful now that it’s time to test? Those are some of the questions we will be answering in this article, and many more for those curious about others’ experiences during testing season.

Finals can be stressful and challenging especially if we are finishing off our year with them. We are putting in a lot of effort towards the end, finishing off strong, and just trying to make ends meet for summer. Are you guys ready for finals?

Finals are good to take, but they are very stressful to study and prepare for,” said Brooke Swayze.

Describing them in one word, Melanie Gagnon says “Stressful.” 

“There is a need to assess how much we’ve learned, but the stress of preparing for a test that’s multiple hours, when motivation is already so low, is unneeded stress.” continues Senneca Slocombe.

Many people’s perspectives about if they are ready for finals and how they feel about them are all about the same. They understand the need for them and the importance of finals. On the other hand, not everyone agrees with the amount of stress finals bring; it’s a lot to deal with towards the end of each semester and from students’ perspectives they find finals to be a bit too excessive.  “We need to assess what we’ve learned and if we have enough knowledge to progress in school,” said Slocombe. 

 Most kids go into finals unprepared and stressing not knowing what they will be testing on, others just don’t have the motivation to test. Finials are seen by students as something stressful, and something they need out of the way to end the year.  “I think we should have finals because they determine if you’ve been working hard throughout the year. As for this year, I don’t think we should have finals going over the whole year because of the quarantine situation at the beginning of the year,” said Carol Moussa.

“ I’m not claiming I know why we do finals, but I’m pretty sure they are supposed to show that kids have done everything as they should, listened in class, didn’t cheat on homework, but teachers already have quizzes and tests and such that already show all of that.  It’s a waste of time and energy”.  said Gabriel Cardenez. 

Triniti Schlimmer has another opinion on the value of finals. ”I think we should have finals as they are important so that you know how much you retained, but I feel like they have a huge expectation to do good which makes them more stressful than they need to be.”

Students pretty much understand the concept of finals, but most don’t like the added stress. It is overwhelming and not the best way to end off the semester. Finals are often seen as something stressful and excessive. Although the students do understand their importance in taking them.