Savannah Tuttle Just Keeps Swimming


Photo credit: Bella Mendez Senior Savannah Tuttle

Bella Mendez, Reporter

Savannah Tuttle (12) is an outgoing, athletic, and motivated student. As Savannah reflects at her time at Highland High, she says she has has gotten out of her comfort zone, and is ultimately preparing her for her senior year and the future beyond. 

Savannah is involved in many extracurricular activities this year, but right now she’s focused on being a varsity swimmer and hopes to “succeed in swim (and track) while maintaining good grades”. Now that it’s her senior year, Savannah plans on putting her best foot forward in order to get scouted by colleges, so she can have the opportunity to play in college. However, her dedication to sports and school will not stop her from participating in all the fun senior year activities. In fact, as all the fun events come up this year at Highland High, Savannah’s eagerness to attend  “football games, school dances, and graduation” grows. By participating in these activities, she feels as though she’ll make good memories with her friends and family that she’ll cherish before she goes off to college.

For Savannah, college still seems so far away, but she already has some ideas as to what she wants to do, like going to the University of Hawaii to be on the swim team, and of course to have somewhere to surf. But besides the sport and location benefits, she feels that this college is the perfect place to study “marine biology and continue to learn about earth conservation”. In the end, no matter what she does after college, Savannah says she just hopes to be “successful, happy, and content doing something I love”.