Marching Into a New World

Highland Marching Band’s 2021 Theme and How It Came to Be

Photo credit: Ayat Harb September 3, 2021, Halftime Show- Debut of New World Theme- Czech Hedgehogs (white crosses) represent ice crystals, guarded by Color Guard fairies. The Marching Band represents invaders on this foreign planet.

Ayat Harb, Reporter

Using music from the 1890s, Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and using Czech hedgehogs as props, Highland’s marching band is prepared to show their out-of-this-world skills and performances.

In past years, the Highland Marching Band has been using a vast amount of classical music, which is present in a lot of Dvorak’s New World music.

The marching band teacher says they “knew going with classical music was something that would resonate greatly with Highland students” and they are excited to see how this year’s choice of music will appeal to others.

2021, seeming like a new world to most of us, was a great time for the Marching Band to pair classical music, an old but loved theme, with a sense of magic and whimsical mystery.

Normandy Czech hedgehogs are now ice crystals on a student-named planet named Zoltar. Crystal fairies, acted out by the Highland Color Guard, use these crystals to gain powers. 

When inhibitors, the marching band players, come to Zoltar, they become friends with the fairies and steal the crystals! The rest of this amazing fairytale-like story will be revealed in upcoming shows this year.

Mrs. Bock, the marching band teacher, says this idea “came to her while meditating” in February of this year. Through her excitement, she has helped plenty to make this theme a fun work of art.

Marching Band students are also very excited for this year’s adventure, hoping their hard work will pay off through the audience’s support and interest.

Although the formation of the idea was sudden and random, the process through which it has come to life has taken a lot of hard work and creative imagination. 

 The Marching Band design team has been working hard to put on an extraordinary experience. They help to liven up the show through ideas such as the Color Guard’s dress colors and the Band’s formations to create a storyline.

Marching band students have also been excessively working, putting together music, dances, and imaginative performances. They have been practicing after school and even on weekends to put on a brilliant show for their fellow students. 

Highland students are excited to listen to and watch the Marching Band’s fairy tale unfold through many whimsical performances!