Injured Hawks Look Forward to Getting Back in the Game


photo credit: Saxton Szokie. Juniors Christian Larsen (left) and Dakota Vital (right) smile through their injuries.

Saxton Szokie, Reporter

Recently, two football players,  Dakota Vital (11) and Christian Larsen (11) were sidelined due to injury. Christian suffered a concussion and Dakota hurt his leg and got a foot injury.

Injuries that affect an athlete’s ability to play sports can be quite painful. Vital is one of many people to have gotten an injury that has stopped him from playing sports. He was injured on August 14, 2021 doing a ropes course at a choir retreat. Luckily, he is fine and should be ready to play football for the Hawks by the 6th game of the year against Perry. Interestingly, Vital’s surgery required screws in his foot. The 45-minute surgery is successful so far, with a 10% chance that his body will reject the screws. This would to set him back further in his recovery process. But Dakota is feeling great and itching to get back on the field.

Christian Larson has suffered a concussion — an injury all too common for football players. A concussion is a TBI (traumatic brain injury). Typically, a TBI is caused by a  blow bump or jolt where the brain rattles against the skull and causes disruption. Christian got injured when got hit from his blindside. Christan said “that you feel like you’re always dizzy and that light and sound makes it hard to do anything when having a concussion.” During math class, he would often drift off into his headspace because he couldn’t do anything.

Christan and Dakota are the definitions of toughness and fortitude. They could have called it a season with their injuries, but they are ready to come back and play for the Hawks. We hope both of these players have a great season for Highland.