Meet Isabelle Buter, Super Hawk


Photo credit: Tyra Garrett Isabelle Buter is one involved hawk!

Tyra Garrett, Reporter

Here at Highland, there are many hard working hawks. Isabelle Buter (11) is one of them. She is in all honors and AP classes, 4 different clubs, dual enrollment, and has a job outside of school! 

How does Isabelle manage the stress of doing all these activities?  “It’s actually pretty easy… the clubs; they don’t meet all too often… I work my job on the weekends so that means I have to do my homework on Friday.” Isabelle told me. Isabelle has a positive attitude when talking about her workload.  “It is stressful but I like the challenge!” Isabelle exclaimed.

Unsurprisingly, when asked if doing all these clubs and classes affected her personal life, Isabelle replied, “Oh yeah absolutely…” She dove more into how it affects her everyday life, saying, “I have no social life, I definitely have to move around a lot of things and make sacrifices and I do have to organize a lot with my teachers… and they are usually understanding.”

Why does she choose to do these activities?  “I’m a freak of nature!” Isabelle joked, but in reality, she wants a good resume for her future colleges. “I’m trying to aim ivy league. I really want to go to a good college, maybe even in Europe.” She told me. Isabelle also added, “I understand that for a good resume I need a bunch of clubs, I need competitive classes, I need good grades, I need leadership experience (which is why I work outside of school), and I need money to pay for all my AP Tests.”

Isabelle gave some good advice to people who may be going through the same situation as her, “If you want to strive to be an overachiever, you honestly just need a good schedule, recognize that you need to give up things… try your hardest… and recognize your limits.” 

All in all, Isabelle is a model student and a hard-working hawk! If you ever feel overworked or overwhelmed, you can go to the school counselors for some sound advice!