Clones on Campus


Photo credit: Chris Clones New hawk broadcast and film teacher, Chris Clones

Saxton Szokie, Reporter

It’s pronounced Clo-nes (c-low-ness), not clones as if he’s a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Chris Clones is the new film/broadcasting teacher at Highland High school. When Mr. Clones was in High school he was a good kid who got along with his teachers. He was also a little instigator. This type of behavior made him a funny person and just fun to be around “When I was in high school I messed with my friends all the time” he joked.

Growing up, Mr. Clones loved to watch movies which led him to fall in love with film and wanting to be a film teacher. His favorite movie is Titanic.“ My favorite movie is Titanic because of the music and all the moving parts and all the chaos that takes place”.

Before coming to Arizona to be closer to family, Mr. Clones lived in Boardman, Ohio for 28 years. This is where he learned all of his skills and is now not only teaching them to Highland students but also college students at Arizona State University. Interestingly, Clones also takes classes at ASU for a master’s degree in film.

Chris Clones loves his dogs, Tessa and Lily, and also a nice warm pastitsio for dinner. But above all else, he is a great teacher who loves film and his job being a teacher!