Creando Conexiones en el Campus

Latino Advocacy Club creating connections on campus


Scout Slade

Students enjoy the LAC Culture and Music Fest held in October.

Scout Slade, Reporter

Before fall break, the Latino Advocacy Club put on their music and culture fest accompanied by food trucks and live music. This club’s success has skyrocketed over the past year, with nearly 150 students showing up to their last event and around 40 people showing up to club meetings. The president of the club, Camila Aguilar, has led this club to its successes with her amazing leadership and compassion towards her classmates. Camila is in her senior year of high school and she knows how to keep herself busy with running this club while simultaneously taking part in school sports and other activities.

Camila became president of the Latino Advocacy Club last school year around May. Her journey organizing and keeping up with this club wasn’t always easy but with the help of the previous club presidents and the club members themselves, they have created a fun and safe environment for everyone.

Camila she had said that for “organizing the club, I mainly focus on slideshows and key points to keep everyone on track and to make sure I cover everything I want.” This is an important part of the club because without their skillful communication, everything would fall apart. Camila mentioned how close the members are, and because of this, “They already had some ideas,” so that was key in improving the club and creating a fun and safe place for ideas to blossom. 

 They are currently “Focusing on Hispanic Heritage Month and our tasks involve making posters of examples on different Latin cultures”. This past quarter, the LAC focused on dance, and intend to do more with language and history soon. Camila had mentioned that for the next meeting, “We are gonna do a PSAT and SAT study”. She elaborated on how she “wants to get more into helping them with college and help them understand how important that is”. The last task involved in this club is organizing the festivals and carnivals which demand a lot of planning and dedication.

Camila timidly said that the last festival was “kinda rushed” due to the club being “caught up in the poster stuff.” Not only that but the club “Only meets once a week which is more than other clubs; other clubs meet like twice a month,“ Camila added. 

However, through all the bumps in the road, the LAC was able to sit down and get everything done. Camila said that “One day we just focused on banners and titles and the next day we focused on who’s in charge of games.” The club members in charge of games were responsible for bringing their own supplies needed for that game. Camila gave them this responsibility because it gives the members a sense of independence and importance in the team. Another mission to accomplish was the live music. This time “Everybody reached out to bands, who is in bands, and who could play”. They ended up getting three bands to play, all of them being Highland students. Lastly was the food trucks and Camila took the upper hand on that one by sending out “Fifteen emails to different food trucks”, and in the end, “only three came”. Through it all, the club was able to put together this awesome event successfully by working together. 

This club has brought many great opportunities for people and has created great connections. The music and culture festival was just a manifestation of the impact this club has. Camila shared the impact this club had on her saying “I really like this club because everyone in there is literally friends. I’m not as close to them as they are with each other so I try to get closer to them, but seeing how happy they are to be in the club makes me so happy because it’s important to them so it’s important to me”. She went on to say that this club has “Changed my life cause I have something to be thinking about all the time and I’ll always be thinking of them and how to make it better and if I’m doing enough. It’s kind of bad in a way because I worry I’m not doing enough for them but it’s also a positive to think that I’m organizing them to do something that they like and it’s overall helping the school.”

It’s tender to know that this club only started with five students not too long ago last year. Now as much as 40 people are showing up to meetings. For people interested in joining the Latino Advocacy Club, you can join at any time. Camila made an important note when asked the question of how one can join this club. She said when she told her friends about this club “They were like ‘Oh but I’m not Latino’ and I’m like that’s not it.” She went on to explain that “It’s Latino advocacy, so as long as you advocate for Latinos you can join, so anyone can join,” All you have to do is get a permission slip signed off.

 Camila’s lasting message that she left off on in her interview started with talking about everything that happened last year. She said that last year “At this school especially with the election coming up there was a lot of discrimination and racism going on around.” Camila admitted that it made her “so mad” and she was just about to start her “own club with this stuff but I didn’t even know how or what to do”. That’s when Camila discovered the Latino Advocacy Club. This was “The perfect opportunity to help people at this school understand that there is more than just them”. Then the rest became history.