The Circle of Education: Patricia Shores

From high school, college, teacher, administrator, and back again, she’s done it all!


Ella McDowell

Freshman English teacher Patricia Shores teaches her 3rd period class.

Ella McDowell, Reporter

Patricia Shores has her dream job as an English teacher.  She has been teaching for 15 years and makes literature fun to learn and class enjoyable for her students.  

She had experience with a few jobs before teaching during her working years.  She was a busser for a restaurant throughout high school and later when on to be a server in college.  Patricia tutored for a time as a side job.  As she helped little kids with math and reading, she decided that that was something that she would never want to do again. 

She was even an administrator between her years of teaching.  When asked what it was like for her, she talks about the hardships of the job and the difficulties of always seeing kids at their worst.  “That’s one of the things that I missed the most about being a teacher.  I missed seeing kids at their best.”  As an administrator, she dealt with all of the things that went wrong and didn’t get a chance to participate in what went right.  After that, she went back to teaching and is now teaching English at Highland High School. 

She has always been good at literature and reading and has come easy to her throughout school.  Since teaching has always been her dream job, she knew that it was something that she wanted to do when, in high school, she didn’t have a lot of good teachers.  “They never really connected with the kids and I always felt like I needed more of that,” she says, “My goal is to be that teacher.”

As a theatre kid in high school, she was really involved in it and perceived them as her “soul mates.”  Other than that, however, Patricia never really interacted with anyone else with an exception of her small group of friends.  “I tried to avoid all social situations that were outside of my ‘safe space’,” she claims.  

Because she preferred not to interact with people that she doesn’t know, she never really had a chance to connect with people.  Her greatest inspiration was also her best friend, her grandmother.  “I always looked up to her because she grew up in a time when women were supposed to be more submissive and she was really sassy and did not live up to the expectations written for women and she did what she wanted,” she states. 

Her memories of her include talking on the phone with her for hours on end.  When she had to make a long commute of 45 minutes to and from work, she would talk to her grandma the whole time on her way home.  Her grandparents were her favorite people.  If she could go back in time and have things the way she wanted, she would ask for one more day as an adult with them both.  

From high school to college to teacher, she has impacted many students’ lives and continues to do so.  “I think a lot about the accomplishments of my former students… my goal is to accomplish students so they go out there and do great things.” -Mrs. Shores.