Addy Tolman: An Explosion of Creativity


Addy Tolman

Junior Addy Tolman

Brigham Larson, Reporter

The stress of constantly having a pile of activities on one’s plate affects many students at this school. Some may take two activities or electives. Some may take three. Some may have A-Hour classes. All of this could cause Hawks to assume that there’s no way that they could possibly find the time to do more.

Addy Tolman (11) begs to differ.

She is a member of 2 orchestra classes (in which she plays viola), fashion, interior design, Seminary, United Sound, NHS, Link Crew, Young Athenas, and Book Club. With such a busy schedule, one may think that it would lead to thoughts of dropping some of these activities. However, Addy says, “It can be really tiring, but most of the time I’m pretty fine. I’m kind of an active person too, so I like to fill up my free time.”

“Sometimes it can be a lot, especially since Strolling [Strings] is an A-hour class,” she says “I’m probably at the school the longest out of most kids.” But at the end of the day, she says it is definitely what she would prefer to do. “First of all, I’m a junior, so I’m applying to colleges at the end of this year, and I need every little bit to look good when I’m applying for colleges.”

Addy says that she chooses to engage in these activities for a variety of reasons, including being with her friends, to make new friends, to look good on college applications, and just for fun.

She says that she was particularly drawn to scrapbooking, fashion, and interior design due to her passion for making art. However, she says that “I am not very good at art, guys. I enjoy it, but I’m not good at it.”

[WRITER’S NOTE: I have seen her drawings and she is dead wrong]

She also is in fashion, where they set aside certain days of the week to focus on scrapbooking and interior design. She said she particularly enjoys the hands-on approach, which she finds she is more suited to than drawing something, while still learning fundamentals of art.

She also states that her love for music is what drew her to performing in the Highland orchestra. “I’ve always sung in church, that might’ve had something to start it.” In addition to viola, she also plays piano, ukulele, and is in choirs outside of school. She has made many of her favorite memories of orchestra during the orchestra retreat, a day-long camping trip for orchestra students, because it allowed her to interact with people outside of her section in Highland’s massive orchestra.

She says that in the future, she will still pursue music and art, as well as other interests of hers, but says that she will likely work an office job in order to have financial stability. She says “I don’t mind that, because you still have plenty of time to stay at home and do the stuff you wanna do, even outside of work.”

Surprisingly, Addy states that balancing her time with all of this on her plate is easier than it may seem.

“I don’t find it too hard to balance time,” she says. “I put lots of reminders in my phone, because I’m very forgetful, [..] but I don’t work, I don’t have a job, because my parents don’t want me getting a job because I have multiple AP classes.”

Addy always has a lot on her plate, but her creativity, sense of humor, and time management skills help her plow through everything in her packed schedule. If only all of us had those powers.