Young Athena Club Empowers Young Women on Campus


Bella Mendez

Members of the Young Athena club.

Bella Mendez, Reporter

At Highland, there are a variety of clubs available that cater to students’ interests, passions, and beliefs. But there is one club in particular that may attract the young woman at Highland: Young Athena. While this club is still relatively new, its purpose, goals, and members combined help us women at Highland grow. 

The club, Young Athena, has been established at Highland for about three years, and it’s main purpose is to create unity and empower women inside and outside of the club. When talking to Jackie Haener, the club’s sponsor, she mentions how the root of the club stem from the belief that it’s “..really important for women to recognize that they are strong and have a lot of wonderful characteristics… and positive attributes that aren’t always pointed out”, which is apparent through its members and their actions. To further explain, Young Athena is known for having a diverse group of women-only members who actively try to show women throughout Highland that they are worthy. Recently, they have been putting encouraging notes on the mirrors of the girls bathroom to remind the women at Highland how much they mean to the community. But, vice president, Hannah Siby (12), mentions how they are eager to accomplish bigger goals within the club.

When it comes to their goals for the 2021-2022 school year, Young Athena plans on working to make more resources accessible for the women at Highland. For instance, their first goal is to get sanitary pads and essential women’s care in the girls bathroom, so that they don’t have to go all the way to the nurses office if an accident happens. Also, they want to start a “girls talk” here at Highland in which if girls have any questions, they can come talk to either a professional, or the members of Young Athena. Lastly, Jackie Haener mentions how they hope to continue a women’s expo that they did last year in which they got about “… ten different women to come speak to the girls at the high school.. The women gave their words of wisdom.. And secrets to their success.” By working towards these goals, the club believes that it will contribute to their purpose of creating unity and making high school a less intimidating place for young women. 

In the end, Highland High’s women-only club, Young Athena, helps inspire women inside and outside of the club. It is important for young women to gain confidence, inspiration, and self-love in a world where others can tear them down. With a club like this, women will be ready to face any challenges that come their way! So, if you are a young woman at Highland interested in this club, note that meetings are Mondays after school in Room 1183.