Check Mate! Hawk Chess Players Headed to State


Chris Tallent

Juniors Liam Sauve (right) and Justin Indrizzo (left) are 2 of only 15 chess players to qualify for the Arizona Chess Individual Championships

Ayat Harb, Reporter

The Chess Club has been working hard all year, learning new skills and tactics to create a path full of hard work and accomplishments.

At the end of October, the Highland Chess Club went to a competition with about 80 competitors and brought home an amazing win.

This weekend (October 20), Justin Indrizzo (11) and Liam Sauve (11) will be attending the state individual championship, as part of only 15 qualifiers to do so this year. 

Lead by advisor Mr. Chris Tallant, the chess club has played hard for long and is excited to have qualified for this championship.

Liam Sauve says “It’s just a lot of training and a lot of learning.” When asked about the dedication it took to get here, he says, “I just approach every game as trying my best.” 

Chess players are determined and will always do their best to make it far in the competition. 

The game takes a lot of practice and it is a great accomplishment for students to make it this far. Good luck in the championships Hawks!