Growing from Experience: Hannah Siby

Hannah Siby Makes a Difference


Siby James

Senior Hannah Siby has been involved during her years at Highland, learning and gaining new skills for her future.

Bella Mendez, Reporter

Hannah Siby (12) is one of the most dedicated, focused, and motivated people here at Highland. While she is involved in many activities at Highland,  ranging from being vice president of the Young Athena club, to managing her AP classes, a lot of her time and energy goes into the athletic training program. As she talks about how she started in the program, her jobs, and the occasional stress, she also mentions how it helped her grow as a person; ultimately getting her ready for her future.

Hannah started the sports medicine class during her sophomore year. While taking this class, she became really passionate about it and planned on going into the athletic training program her junior year, but due to COVID, she decided against it. However, she is now involved in the athletic training program where she loves to help the athletes and continues to learn new things from this experience. “I really wanted to do this because in the future, I want to do something in the medical field”, said Hannah. 

As Hannah explains  she doesn’t  have a specific job {in sports med}. Instead, she helps cater to the athletes and their injuries. This includes ankle taping, wrist taping, or helping out with bigger injuries like shoulders. It’s clear that Hannah is super dedicated and passionate about this program. In fact, she  she always tries to “watch, learn, and try to come in early, or on days I’m not scheduled to be more hands on and practice”. This further exemplifies her goal-driven attitude.

Even though Hannah puts a lot of time and effort into this program, there are struggles she faced, yet persevered. When she started in the program, it was difficult for her to have to converse and help out the athletes continuously, especially if there was an awkward silence. But, she explained how it just comes to a point where you have to deal with it. Once she figured this out, she ended up learning important lessons regarding communication. Since Hannah is graduating this year, the lessons she learned and her perseverance will help her in her forensic science career. She is a true inspiration to everyone here at Highland!