Sweep: Love It or Hate It, It’s Here to Stay


Bella Mendez

Security guard Josh gives Ali Larison (11) a sweep ticket for being late.

Bella Mendez, Reporter

The Sweep program at Highland is an issue that the administration and the students are divided on. While the sweep program does have good intentions, students may not understand how the administration believes it helps us. Likewise, the administration doesn’t understand the somewhat negative effect it has on the students. By learning more about the causes and effects of this program, the students and the administration can become more civil about certain issues at Highland.

All about the Sweep Program: At Highland, there are many kids who are constantly running late to their first hour. Which is why the Sweep Program has been around at Highland for a few years now, and has been implemented at many schools throughout the state. By using this program, the administration has found that it is a very beneficial way to make sure students are on time. Brandon Larson explains that the reasoning behind this program is because “every time a kid comes in late to class, the teacher has to address that student. So, they either have to stop what they are doing to give them materials, or it just distracts the other students”. Overall, the Sweep program, while disliked by most students, has the best intentions of keeping the other students focused on their schoolwork, while teaching the tardy students about responsibility. 

New methods coming with this program? The administration understands that mornings can be hectic and that things happen. You could be tardy over situations that are out of your control such as getting stuck in traffic, waking up late, or even missing your bus. However, the sweep program is going to be evolving next school year. To explain, the administration is going to give students a slip that gives them an opportunity to miss out on sweep once. Students would be responsible for keeping track of this slip and would have to suffer the consequences of being swept if they were to lose it. At the end of the semester, those students who were constantly on time  will be able to put their slip into a drawing to win prizes such as AirPods or a free student pass. Overall, this program is going to try to motivate students to come early while learning responsibilities that are required when being a young adult. 

Student views: When it comes to this program, students are frustrated as they feel like the administration doesn’t understand the negative effect this program has on them. Many students think “why should I miss my hour hour for being two minutes late?”. By missing their whole first period, they are getting behind on work, and are forced to make up timed writes, tests, or in class only assignments. Students, like Aria Furey-Smith (11), explain how the only reason they were late was “because of the traffic.. I even left at my regular time too”. It isn’t fair for students to be punished, or deemed irresponsible for situations that are out of their control. Even though sweep is implemented first hour since it’s the class where everyone is the most tardy, it wouldn’t be fair considering everyone is trying to get through traffic, and the morning craziness, but, if it were to be implemented at a different time, we could see which students are really irresponsible. 

Overall, while students have a negative view of this program, its success has convinced the administrators to continue this program. With these new methods coming next year, it may change the way students look at this program, and even motivate them to be on time to their class.