Social Media Can Benefit Teens


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Ayat Harb, Reporter

Today, young Americans are using social media platforms more than ever before. Platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram are full of content for viewers to connect with, debate with, and laugh at. 

Teenagers and young adults can easily be drawn into one viewpoint or they can comment and respond to a viewpoint they disagree with. Although some may argue that this causes unfair bias and unhealthy temptations, it is important to realize the benefits of using your voice to bring light to new and existing issues around the world. 

In some circumstances, teenagers may be drawn to unhealthy habits and posts of dangerous activities could be spread and misinterpreted. However, most social media platforms are filled with influencers hoping to encourage teens to go out and do fun things, and to be confident in how they live their lives. 

Another great benefit of social media is the direct effect it has on students in school. During the past two years, schools have turned to online learning programs to effectively teach students without risking Covid spread. Teachers can now easily keep in touch with students and parents without seeing them face-to-face through social media. 

Here are a few benefits to social media in students’ lives. It is necessary to also reflect on the harmful effects of social media platforms, but there are many important aspects that people often miss when using social media. 

  • Exposure to important issues around the world

School shootings are becoming more common throughout the country, and students are effectively using social media to voice their opinions and stand together against gun violence. 

Through platforms such as Twitter, people who are still too young to vote are using their voice to communicate opinions that could easily change the world. In March of 2018, thousands of students organized a walkout all around the country to fight for millions of innocent lives who are constantly worried about a shooter coming to their schools one day.

ABC news wrote an article focusing on the importance of social media in circumstances like this, proving that posts can attract so much attention- to the point where students all over the world take part in protests for the issues they care about most. 

Daniel Rogov says, “Keep making your voices heard. While the politicians might stop talking about this, we’re not done.” Another teenager, Lauren Hoggs, used Twitter to voice her opinion, writing “Remember why we are walking out. We are walking out for my friends that passed, all children that have been taken because of gun violence.”

In summary, social media allows teenagers who can’t yet vote to voice their opinions, which benefits both them and the rest of the world who observes their changing words. 

  • Provides support for self expression

Whether teenagers are going on a fun trip, trying a new activity, or showing off a new outfit, social media allows them to clearly express their happiness and creativity. 

Of course, the platforms should not be used as a way to compete for likes and popularity. Instead, many teenagers use social media posts to boost their confidence and to share their interests with others. 

Research performed by PennState demonstrates that there are both ups and downs about teenagers engaging on social media platforms. The research proves that teenagers use the platforms to learn about themselves and the aspects that make them who they are. 

As long as it is used in moderation, social media can boost a teenager’s confidence rather than trigger anger and jealousy. Sharing interests and fashion styles with others through social media posts is a great and fulfilling benefit. 

Teenagers interviewed by PennState agree with this statement saying “social media platforms are a key tool for connecting and maintaining relationships, being creative, and learning more about other cultures and diverse peoples.”

  • Strengthens friendship and other relationships

Whether you are using social media as a way to connect with teachers, friends, or family, it has proved to really help strengthen the way teenagers communicate with others.

Students who have family and friends in other states and even countries can easily keep in touch with them through platforms that allow for free calls and texts over the internet. 

Also, social media is being used in schools, where teachers are using social apps to keep up with parents and students about their education. If students are learning virtually, social platforms allow them to easily ask questions and keep up with their schoolwork. 

An article by Insider Health uses evidence from psychologist Kathryn Moore, who says “Social media allows people to connect in ways that would not otherwise be possible, and can often expand people’s social circles.”

So, whether you are looking to strengthen a friendship or business partnership, social media is a great way to get to know someone else and expand your social profile.

Most high schoolers today use social media platforms to connect with old friends and make new ones as well. As we scroll and post on these apps, teenagers should be thinking about all the good things that could come out of this activity. 

When scrolling through social media, try to learn new things, and make sure to look at what interests you and connects you with others.