USFL- Charging Back to the Field

Saxton Szokie, Reporter

In America Football is a huge sport and is beloved by so many people. Football fans are often scratching their heads during spring because there is no football at all for a good 8 months. Because of this many have tried to create a spring football league but  have failed but there is a brand new league (sorta) that is on the way!

This year the NFL started September 9, 2021, with defending Super Bowl LV champion Tampa Bay defeating Dallas in the NFL Kickoff Game. The regular season ended on January 9, 2022. That means this football season was 5 months and won’t start again for another 8 months. For football fans, this is all too long. They want consistent football all year round and this has been a problem because spring football leagues have failed many times but why? 

In the 80s the USFL tried to compete with the NFL but they fell through because they tried to poach talent from the NFL this didn’t work causing them to close.

Then the XFL came and went with a snap of a finger. There was also NFL Europe which made a talent like Kurt Warner a quarterback who played for the Green Bay Packers (1994)* Iowa Barnstormers (1995–1997) Amsterdam Admirals (1998) St. Louis Rams (1998–2003) New York Giants (2004) Arizona Cardinals (2005–2009) he also  went to many Super Bowls and the XFL also produced PJ walker. This shows that a path could be carved out for any player after a stint in a spring football league.

Most recently, the XFL has come back but at a very unfortunate time, the product that they had was amazing. The football was good and it was promising but as soon as they started so did covid so they had to shut down the league with a set return in 2023.  Recently there has also been a new league starting in April a comeback of the USFL they are having a start of 8 teams with the teams name being the Pittsburgh Maulers, Michigan Panthers, New Orleans Breakers, Birmingham Stallion, Tampa Bay Bandits, Philadelphia Stars, New Jersey Generals, and Houston Gamblers.

With the XFL and USFL starting within the next year or so there is loads of football content to be consumed and with this many highlights and possible new all time players moving to the NFL from these leagues how it turns out.