Keeping the Beat: Drummers Who Inspire Me

Tyra Garrett, Reporter


The drums are a key part of the creation of music, as it determines the beat and rhythm that the song will follow. I have only been drumming for a year, but in that year I’ve found the importance of drums. That led to me discovering so many talented drummers. So, I decided to highlight some of them. I am talking about them not only because they are incredibly talented, but because they inspire me to keep trying with drums no matter how hard it gets. 

Meg White

Meg White gained fame from the formation of The White Stripes with her now ex-husband Jack White. While many recognize the talent of Jack White,  his unique vocals tended to overshadow Meg’s talent on the drums despite her importance to the sound. The White Stripes had a sound that cannot be replicated, and that is in part because of Meg White’s drumming. 

The White Stripes, Primavera Sound 2007, Parc del Forum, Barcelona, 31/V/2007. (Dena Flows)

Since The White Stripes are a rock band, the drums played a major part in their music. What makes Meg’s drumming unique is that she uses a more simple approach compared to the other rock bands. For example, in their hit song Seven Nation Army, Meg uses her simple style on the drums to make every hit and stomp feel stronger and more impactful, which amplifies the song as a whole. 

In the drumming scene, female drummers are often looked down upon or neglected, but Meg helped open the door for girls around the world. Her breaking barriers in the music industry is one of the main reasons I decided to begin drumming. She has continued to inspire me with her astonishing drumming skills and her impact on music culture.

Ethan Torchio

Most in the United States aren’t aware of Ethan Torchio due to him gaining his fame as a member of the Italian band Måneskin. Though they may be small here in the U.S, Måneskin is a huge act in Europe. After becoming aware of Måneskin through their success in the Eurovision song contest and their hit cover of Beggin’, I was instantly drawn to Ethan’s style.

Drummer Ethan Torchio (

Måneskin reminds me of the rock bands from the 80s/90s with their flamboyant style yet intense music, and Ethan’s drumming fits perfectly with them. Ethan’s drumming contributed to the growth of the band over the last couple of years. He uses creative rudiments for grooves and fills, which makes every song unique. His build-ups in songs like CORALINE and VENT’ANNI add the perfect amount of raw emotion that few drummers can accomplish.

The emotion Ethan adds to Måneskin’s music is unmatched and inspires me to put all of my thoughts and feelings into playing the drums. Listening to him play helps me not only play better but it causes me to think about the important aspects of making music and how emotion is a pivotal part of any song. 

Zac Farro

Paramore is one of the biggest bands of all time, with their popularity remaining constant for almost two decades. Many highlight Hayley Williams’s talent and rightfully so, but many don’t think about the brilliance that Zac Farro brings to their music. Zac has been a member since the very beginning and his drumming has always brought out the best in Paramore. 

Drummer Zac Farro (

Zac’s drumming is very versatile, as it has grown and developed so much over the years. In the beginning, Paramore was a pop-punk band so Zac’s drumming was heavier and emphasized the tom-toms. But once Paramore started to transition into the modern pop genre, Zac morphed his style to fit with their new music. He used a more simplistic approach to fit the music, which complimented Paramore’s new sound perfectly.

Paramore is one of the most influential bands of the 2000s and Zac has been a major part of their success. He has a unique sound and has made a major impact on me and several other drummers around the world.

These musicians greatly impacted me and my musical journey. Without them, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. I’m very thankful for them and their music, and I hope this article leads readers to explore these artist’s catalogs and maybe find their new favorite musician!