Help Wanted! Tips for Landing a Job


Ayat Harb

Mrs. Barb Dwyer is Highland’s college and career advisor. Her office is in the Commons.

Ayat Harb, Reporter

As the summer months approach, many students may be thinking about getting a job to raise money and gain management skills outside of school. 

For students, the benefits of working or volunteering go much further than earning money to buy wanted items. 

College and career advisor Barb Dwyer works with students to explain why getting a job is necessary, how to do so effectively, and which path is best for each person. 

Mrs. Dwyer is available to talk to in the Commons, and she also offers help through online platforms. Through this link, students can find out how to contact her. Her Google Classroom offers various opportunities, and for additional information for you specifically, email and phone information can be found on her site. This link also allows you to take career tests to find out what may be best for your future. 

If you need help finding specific jobs to fill your time, whether in high school or afterwards, this site is updated often for job listings and places to go for volunteer hours. 

Generally, Mrs. Dwyer has a lot of advice for students going out to interview for their first job. 

She says, “If this is a student’s first job, they have to get a little creative and think about what kinds of experiences they have had.” This previous experience should include things like club memberships, community work, and any hobbies that prove students are fit to work for that specific company. 

Many students also need advice on how to appear professional and well-driven. Mrs. Dwyer says students should always try to look their best when going in for an interview. This means wearing nice button-up shirts, simple dresses, and other neat clothing. What you wear should portray your willingness to do your best, and should make you feel confident as you talk in front of your future employers. 

Dwyer also recommends students research about the job they are interviewing for. This means understanding exactly what they are looking for in an employee, and making sure you fit the job description. 

She also listed a few things that students should know not to do. For example, students should not come in with a buzzing phone and they should not be texting during the interview. 

Students also shouldn’t bring parents, or anyone else with them to the interview. When looking for employees, the company is seeking independent, driven students who look as if they could be trusted to work hard. 

Learning to maintain a long-term job while also maintaining good grades in school certainly changes the way colleges and careers look at a student. 

Mrs. Dwyer says “What you want is a job that is helping you develop workforce readiness… So when you work in high school, it shows that you are able to multitask, it shows that you are able to budget your time.” 

By getting a part time job at such a young age, students learn to deal with customers efficiently. Students also learn to manage their time and do what is best for their futures. 

When looking for a job that suits you, keep in mind how that specific role will benefit you in the future. This should not be too difficult, as long as you keep your eyes open for opportunities and ask for help whenever it is needed. 

Volunteering and job shadowing opportunities are also listed on the website. Mrs. Dwyer’s job board is updated regularly and listings are added for high schoolers specifically. 

Most companies and organizations hire at 16. For additional advice on how to prove you are great and professional, seek help from Mrs. Dwyer at the college and career center.