Latino Advocacy Club – Preparing for Cinco de Mayo


Olivia Cornell

Information on the Cinco de Mayo celebration

Olivia Cornell, Reporter

LAC hopes to bring people together in order to understand Latino culture, and also to create a collaboration to help Ukraine, which is where the proceeds are going.” – LAC member Evelin Lopez Hernandez

Join Highland High’s Latino Advocacy Club in celebration of Latino culture with their first ever Cinco de Mayo festival next Thursday, May 5, from 5-8pm. The festival will take place on the band field next to the auditorium with food trucks, live music, and more.

The club has been working on this project for months, hoping to create something special for the student body. Club president Camila Aguilar-Perez proposed the idea of having an event for Cinco de Mayo, and she said that the idea has “taken off ever since”. Aguilar-Perez explained that it has been stressful to organize the entire project, but “it’s rewarding seeing people take interest in our goals as well as seeing it all come together”. At the beginning of the event, make sure not to miss Camila’s brief informational speech on what Cinco de Mayo is all about.

Along with Camila’s speech, LAC has prepared much more activities for students and teachers to enjoy. One member of the club, Evelin Lopez Hernandez, personally cannot wait for the pie face booth, hinting that “we’ve invited a few teachers for the evening.”

Maybe you are hesitant on whether or not to go to the event, seeing that there’s a lot of classwork to be done before the end of the year arrives. However, Lopez Hernandez touched on that, saying, “We’ve convinced some teachers to offer extra credit, so that can be some incentive.” Since finals might be the only thing on your mind lately, take this opportunity to “forget the stress of finals and enjoy spending time together as a school,” says president Camila Aguilar-Perez.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5. LAC hopes to see you there!