Twinning and winning: Emma and Ellie Stone


Natalie McLeskey

Freshmen Emma (left) and Ellie (right) Stone share many bonds.

Natalie McLeskey, Reporter

Emma and Ellie Stone (9) are honors students, musicians, business owners, athletes, and identical twins. They have a lot on their plate constantly and manage it all with grace and by each others side. 

The sisters own a small cake business were they sell cakes from birthdays to weddings. They started baking and learning to cook so there would be able to make food for themselves in the future, but started baking more for there love of sweets. To make the process easier they have set roles when it comes to baking a cake. With Ellie in charge of baking the cakes, fillings, and putting it together, and Emma in charge of the decoration, and the frosting they divide and conquer to make sure it all gets done. With everything to do with school and sports it is hard to take every single order that comes their way. 

Along with baking up a storm in the kitchen they also have a love for music. Together for years they have both taken piano, and harp lesson, but they have some differences in there music practice. Emma has chosen the path of band and playing the flute, Ellie has decided to join orchestra, and play the viola. With 3 instruments to study and practice things to do start to build up. Ellie says, “It takes a long time to practice, and we have to be strict with ourselves and there can be no procrastination ever.”

The with every extra curricular Emma, and Ellie do they manage to put sports on top of it all to. Emma said, “I like doing things with her because I know I can trust her and we match each other very well”. After seeing a performance of power tap at there school talent show they decided to try it. Lots of hard work over the years has gone into there hobby for power tap, and clogging. 

With school, sports, and extracurricular activities, the last thing at the end of the day is they are together. Ellie said, “ I like being a twin, I don’t know what its like to not be.” At the end of the long stressful day they are always there for each other, through thick and thin.