Want to travel? Join the HHS Globetrotters!



Scenic view of the blue lagoon village Veli Losinj on sunny day. Location place Kvarner Gulf, island Losinj, Croatia, Europe. Drone photography. Summer vacation concept. Discover the beauty of earth.

Jo August and Charlotte Marler, Reporter at Large and teacher guest

Interested in traveling to ITALY, SLOVENIA and CROATIA next summer? Join the Highland Globtrotters club and get ready to see the world!

Ms. Charlotte Marler is the advisor, so please contact her at [email protected] with questions about the upcoming trip, or scan the QR code on the posters around campus!

The Globetrotters began in 2015 and have been to 12 different countries, including: Germany, France, Spain, England, and Australia!

Freshman Payton Jung said, “I am excited to travel because I haven’t been out of the country since I was little and I love going to new places. I think traveling is important because different countries have all kinds of different foods, and different cultures that are really interesting to learn about.” 

“I’m excited to go on this incredible trip because I love to travel and I’ve never been to another country, or even on a plane! I love exploring different cultures and languages, and I love seeing the different styles and architecture of other countries,” said sophomore Robyn Soden. “Traveling to these new countries is important because we learn how other places differ from us and add variety to our beautiful world. I’ve already learned so much about Germany, and I would love to spread my knowledge and love for the country.” 

“I love finding new things to enjoy and I’m very excited to travel this summer,” adds senior Oliver Craft. “The places we’re going have long histories and it will be cool to see it in person. Traveling to new places is very important because it helps people find things they like, build character, and mature. On top of that, the group traveling will have me make new friends.”

If this sounds exciting, please contact Ms. Marler to join the trip!