Evelin Lopez: The Girl Who Is Ready For Anything


Bella Mendez

Junior Evelin Lopez

Bella Mendez, Reporter

Evelin Lopez (11) is known around Highland for being a friendly, outgoing, and smart student. While at Highland, Evelin has gotten involved in many activities that have helped shape her into the person she is today, ultimately helping her get prepared for the future. 

Evelin has been involved in the orchestra program here at Highland since freshman year. Music is one of Evelin’s main passions, so being involved in the orchestra is one of the highlights of her day. Evelin mentioned that another reason why orchestra means so much to her is that she loves the idea of how “everyone goes together and plays to create music”. This aspect of the orchestra is extremely important to her, especially considering she is a part of the symphony.

Another activity that Evelin participates in here at Highland is the Latino Advocacy Club. For Evelin, the Latino Advocacy Club is a “really nice, homey environment” that she thoroughly enjoys. After playing a vital role in this club for the last two years and gaining friendships, Evelin is really excited to run for a position within the club. 

As her junior year comes to an end, Evelin is starting to prepare for her senior year and the future ahead. Since Evelin will have fewer required courses, she is looking forward to some of the freedom that she is going to have. With this freedom, she is going to have time to “prepare for whatever career I want to pursue, gain a higher GPA, get to know more people, and to have more fun”. After high school, Evelin is looking into going to a college out of state, but at the same time, she wouldn’t mind staying in Arizona.

Specifically, Evelin is looking at “applying to one college in Chicago, and also to NAU”. But for now, Evelin is enjoying the last moments of her junior year and anticipating these future goals. As she reflects on these final moments, she mentions how she is grateful in how she grew as a person, mainly in the fact that she is “kind of the same personality wise”, but that at the same time she has “grown to be more confident in myself”. With this in mind, Evelin is looking forward to all of the exciting things ahead of her, and has confidence in who she is going to become.