Meet a cool guy: Kai Genegabus


Saxton Szokie

Kai Genegabus

Saxton Szokie, Reporter

Kai Genegabus is a sophomore at Highland Highschool and takes classes like Spanish chemistry geometry and English, but his favorite is broadcasting. 

During broadcasting class, Kai often does the news when it comes out and helps with all kinds of filming projects for different clubs.

Kai thinks that all of the people in his classes and all the experiences he has had this year have overall made him a better person than he was previously but this doesn’t stop all of his struggles. Kai stated that going into his junior year he has goals that could be seen as a high standard but he is up for the challenge.

Kai wants to have all as and B’s next year along with making the baseball team. All of this and balancing a club or 2 with a job does seem like a hard task but kai is ready!