Baddies Play Badminton


Ben Cooper

A Game of Doubles

Audrey Cooper, Reporter

According to The Badminton Warehouse, an online store; badminton is “considered the second most popular sport worldwide”. Badminton is not typically the sport that is mentioned and watched; but to those that love it, it is more than just a game. The Badminton Hawks are a competitive team that takes not only competition seriously; but also friendship. More is learned on the court than just the rules of the game.

Sophie Kerr (JV) mentioned that when playing badminton, “you get points by keeping the bird in the air, and if it lands on your court within the lines the other team gets a point. Even though it is a personal game that you play, scores are added up based on how the team does as a whole”. 

Since the stakes of personal points being added to the overall score of the team are high, Kerr expressed that the Hawks have had to learn to get out of their heads because “in a game it is really hard to keep up confidence and easy to find intrusive thoughts betting on your downfall”. 

An exhibition team member, Allie Cooper revealed that “being on a team with people that have taught me how to react to my wins and loses has made the biggest difference in the way I feel after a game, and how I react to situations where the outcome would be a tougher thing to deal with if my mindset was not ‘wired’ this way”. 

Having a support system such as a team that can be turned to during school, and after-school hours is important because high schoolers go through a lot of stress and need to be able to process and cope with those emotions. The growth and things learned from “seeing how other people on the team have been able to overcome their challenges has made a huge difference in my self-confidence that I would not have if I never joined the team”, communicated Cooper.

Cooper expressed that “joining the team freshman year was a choice that has sparked no regrets, and to anyone that is considering badminton; they should join because it is a super fun way to meet new people”. Similarly, Cassi Militello (Varsity) stated that she would “tell someone to join badminton because it is super fun and creates family-like connections.” The passion that the Badminton Hawks have for their sport and teammates is one that everyone should get the chance to experience. So to anyone who is contemplating joining badminton, go for it because it is a lot of fun and builds important life skills on how to deal with interactions and emotions.