It’s All About the Kids


Hailey Hancock

Mrs. Guhy

Hailey Hancock, Editor: Art and Clubs, Opinion

   When putting in your schedule requests, do you ever sit down to think about how that forms your schedule? How it goes from your just desired classes to an actual schedule for the year? Look no further than Mrs.Dinah Guhy the “Master Scheduler” (Guhy) at our school.

She takes all of your requested courses and alternates, along with the other three thousand or so students who attend Highland, and makes a rough outline of what classes are needed and which hours would be most efficient to have throughout the day. In her words it’s working on a massive puzzle with several working pieces,  and “…I like puzzles…” she revealed through her contagious laughter. If you didn’t already know Mrs. Guhy those are just some things that you should know, not only does she build the school’s master schedule, but she has to take into account every student here.

She tries her very best to meet everyone’s schedule requests and avoids looking to their alternates as much as possible through her class selections each period. “My biggest goal is to make sure, as many kids as I can get figured out. To get the classes that they exactly asked for without using any alternates.” (Guhy). 

More specifically she loves solving this complex puzzle every year because it means helping the students get the classes they need. After all, it’s the students and those interactions that she loves the most. “The kids, always the kids. I don’t see a lot of kids daily but when I do have those interactions I do enjoy talking and working with them.” She truly loves and cares for every exchange she has with her students and even has the letters and thank yous she has gotten from past students. 

 Another thing to know about Mrs. Guhy is that she is very approachable and willing to help you in any way she can. Not only does her bubbly personality invite you, but her desk space is also covered with Snoopy and Snoopy-related items, adding to the space she already makes comfortable for those who visit her. Mrs. Guhy loves that she left this impression of kindness and openness on others, that the students and her fellow coworkers give her Snoopy-related items because it means they are thinking of her and that they care about her. Just putting it out there that if she has done anything for you in the past, it’s a little hint for a thank you idea. Not only is she super inviting, but kind-hearted.  Guhy opened up about her admiration and how she adores the students with special needs around campus; “…I love those kids, and they make my day whenever I get to visit with one of them…”. She gushed.  Just an insight into how truly she values the students here, after all in her mind it is all about the students.

Mrs. Guhy truly embodies what Highland aspires to represent daily; a person who goes above for everyone and puts a smile on everyone’s face she comes in contact with. Though she will be leaving us after this year for her retirement, she has nothing but high praise for the school she has been with for the past twenty-two years. “This is my twenty-second year and my last year…”. Though sad to see her go, we appreciate everything she has done for Highland and how much she has done for the students and the school in its entirety.