Why Does Netflix Remove Movies?


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Abbey Rockwell, Reporter

We all know Netflix, the popular streaming app that provides us with our movies and shows obsessions. Mean Girls, Dark Matter, and My Babysitter’s A Vampire are all popular shows or movies that have, or are part of a group, being removed from the streaming service. But why is Netflix releasing these films?

Well, the answer to that is licensing agreements, digital exploitation agreements, and the OTT platform. Netflix does not actually own a substantial amount of the movies or shows it streams. The shows and movies on Netflix can be streamed there because of contracts with the owners. However, sometimes the copyright holders don’t want their content to be continued to stream therefore, they do not continue with the contract.

Netflix also has to enter into a Digital Exploitation Agreement with the producer of the film which gives Netflix the right to charge people to see and watch the film. The licensing policy of Netflix says that it is an OTT platform. In other words, this means that it offers its streams to viewers directly through the internet and does not require cable, satellite, or television. This helps people being able to access films at any time they want, thus creating a bigger audience.

All good things must come to an end, and in September and October of 2022, you can expect these movies and shows to leave Netflix: (these are found at https://www.vulture.com)

Sample This
Saved By The Bell
Horrid Henrys Gross Day Out
Dark Matter
Dark Sky
Blade Runner
Catch Me If You Can
Dumb and Dumber
Free Birds
I Am Legend
Made of Honor
Mean Girls
The Amazing Spider-Man
Tower Heist
Schitt’s Creek
Sofia the First

The licensing and digital agreements that allow Netflix to stream shows and movies eventually expire and don’t work anymore. These cause the shows and movies to be taken off of Netflix and switched around. So be sure to watch your favorite shows before they expire!