Action! Theatre: What to Expect and How to Get Involved


The cast of Anastasia performing a musical number during the 2022 production.

Cedar O'Toole, Reporter

Just like a cake, nothing is sweeter than when all the parts that go into being involved in theatre come together smoothly, creating something magical. 

Whether it’s singing your heart out on a stage, or running sound backstage, there’s a spot for you. Since the school’s opening in 1993, Highland’s Theatre Department has filled the auditorium with laughter, tears, love, and so much more. Despite all of the involvement by the Theatre Department, many people still don’t know what’s coming next and how to get involved.


A comedic murder mystery based on the movies and board games, Clue is set to open on November 2 and will be showing through November 5. 

Directed by theatre teacher Laura Hardy,  Theo Hirsch (12), and Harvey Kinard (12). 

This will be Mrs. Hardy’s second year directing at Highland and she, along with many others, is excited about this production. 

This tech-heavy show, which consists of tons of backstage work, is said to be “very high-energy and fast-paced,” explains Mrs. Hardy, featuring rotating walls, constantly changing scenes, colorful costumes, and of course, just as colorful characters. 

As the progress of the show continues, the actors shared some insight into the performance. “It’s a good mystery and you might not even know who did it,” says Giselle Sanchez-Wilson (11), who is playing Miss Scarlet. 

The Outsiders:

Opening in February 2023, The Outsiders. The play is based on the book, The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton. Auditions will be held in December, but no further information is available. 


Coming fall of 2023, Highland will be showing the broadway adaptation of Disney’s Frozen. 

After an application process discussing Highland’s inclusiveness as well as diversity, Highland High School was chosen for this production and will be the only school in the state to perform it next year. 

Many are excited about this, and the early announcement of the production, allows actors to have plenty of time to prepare. As students are getting ready for auditions, peers like Katrina Palmer (11) are stating that “it would be an honor just to be part of it.”

Because the show takes place in the fall, it changes the performance season for the 2023-2024 school year and makes Frozen the first fall musical Highland has ever had. 

Advice from the actors:

Everyone starts somewhere, whether you’ve been in theatre your whole life or you just gained interest in it, and it can be nerve-wracking no matter your experience level. 

Margot Martin, a senior at Highland, says the best piece of advice they have received is that “everyone is important, doesn’t matter the role they play,” which applies not only to the actors but to the people backstage as well. 

Grant Austin (11), encourages everyone to “just audition” and explains that “you’re probably better than you think,” after sharing his audition story from his freshman year production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

How to get involved:

There are many ways to be part of these productions or the theatre department as a whole. 

The theatre department has several different levels of acting classes, as well as stagecraft classes, which count as both performing arts and CTE credits. 

Every Wednesday there is a theatre club, which includes actors, backstage crew, and people interested in theatre. Even if you are not enrolled in a theatre class, you can still join, even with no experience. It consists of workshops, tips, and games, to help you learn and progress in your acting. 

Not a fan of being on stage? No problem! Every other Friday there is the United States Institute for Technical Theatre (USITT) club, which focuses on backstage work. 

To stay up to date on what’s happening, join the Theatre Club Google Classroom, code c4lknoe, where you can hear about upcoming events in school and the community.