An Artist and Her Journey


Bella Mendez

Sophie Aviles (12) creating some amazing art!

Bella Mendez, Spotlight and Pop Culture Editor

To be able to draw, paint, or color something other than a stick man is a skill most people wish that they could have. So, when an artist, like Sophie Aviles (12), shows their art to a group of people, they can’t help but be impressed. But for Sophie, her journey as an artist is not just about creating a fun drawing, it is also about the friendships and skills she has learned.

Sophie’s art journey started thanks to her friends, who were already into art themselves. However, the story itself is a little more complicated, and funny, than it seems. After having one of her friends joke about how she would “never be good” at art,  Sophie was  “…so angry that I started drawing just to spite her”. But, as she continued to draw out of spite, Sophie found her new passion: sketching and watercolor painting. 

Her focus has been on drawing people. However, there have been some struggles in learning how to draw more realistically. “I have always liked to draw people” Sophie said, “..but proportions have always been horrifying for me”. Over the years, Sophie has learned how to draw proportionally by watching other people draw. Through this learning process, she created an Instagram account that highlights not only her artwork, but the progress she has made. Instagram made creating artwork more enjoyable, allowed her to make new friends, and it gave her the idea to start selling her art. However, despite all the positive outlets art has given her, some struggles still come with it. 

As an artist, Sophie has times when she feels unmotivated, or uninspired, especially when it comes to art projects for school. Sophie mentions that when she is required to draw, she usually “…sits there and tries to think of a way that I can make the prompt more interesting to me”. But, if there is a piece that she is working on during her free time that may not be going well, Sophie says she “…tends to just give up a lot. I think it’s good because I don’t ever want to feel forced to do art”. 

Sophie’s art journey has been a memorable one full of creativity, fun, and friendship. While there are times it can be stressful, the mindset and opportunities she has gained from art make it all worth it. Many may believe that it can be difficult to become a good artist, but Sophie shows us that with grit and determination, anyone can become phenomenal.