Why YOU Need to Buy a Ticket for Your Favorite Artist’s Next Concert

Hinckley Thurmond, Reporter

Music has always been a huge aspect of everybody’s life. When you walk around campus, you’ll see plenty of kids with their AirPods listening to their favorite songs. Music is a great way to escape the world around you, allowing you to tune out into your music. But do you know what is even better than listening to music on your phone? Live music! Being able to stand in the same arena as your favorite artist gives you an instant serotonin boost. But, there is actual research that has been done that shows all the benefits of seeing live music and why YOU should buy a ticket to a concert today.
No more stress
When you’re sad, you listen to happy music, when you’re feeling nostalgic, you listen to music from your past, the same thing works for stress. Going to concerts can lessen those stress levels and can increase your amount of joy. In a study done in 2018 by Patrick Fagen, a behavioral science expert and Goldsmith University lecturer, it was found that going to some sort of live music gig can increase your feelings of well-being by 25%! Compare that to walking a dog which increases those feelings only by about 7%. Student Mabry Rogers (9) expands on this idea by saying,” Even with everyone screaming around you, it gives me almost a sense of peace because I feel like I can escape the real world for a little bit.” Having those good feelings increases your mood, making you more content in your life and having fewer worries about what lies ahead.
Sense of community
When you go to a concert, you’ll be surrounded by people who share the same love of music you do. Being near hundreds of people that love the same songs you do can make you feel less alone and like you’re an important part of something bigger. “ I love going to concerts with all my friends,” explains Emily Thurmond (12),” But I also feel like I can meet new people there too.”As human beings, we naturally want to feel like we belong to something. It is a physiological need. An article by Mayo Clinic Health says,” When we feel we have support and are not alone, we are more resilient, often coping more effectively with difficult times in our lives. Coping well with hardships decreases the physical and mental effects of these situations”. Going to concerts is also a way to meet people and make friends, much like a club or sport. Having these connections to people can increase feelings of mental and physical well-being and decrease feelings of loneliness.

Now, it might be argued that concerts are way too expensive to be a regular activity. Though that may be true in some cases, there is a multitude of low-budget options for live music and any town or city. All it takes is a quick google search to find cheap, or even free, live music options. Whether you like that type of music or not, going to live music concerts boosts moods and increases brain activity, even if it isn’t your favorite.

Whether you are a seasoned concert pro or a never-before concert attendee, listening to live music is amazing. It has the ability to allow you to dissociate from the stress of reality while giving you multiple health benefits. With prices ranging from free to expensive, every person can go to a live music concert. And they should!