Conan Gray

Music video by Conan Gray performing Maniac. © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Conan Gray Concert 2022

Hinckley Thurmond

Conan Gray Concert 2022

Abbey Rockwell, Reporter

Conan Gray is an American singer who started creating videos at nine and began his self-made channel on Youtube at 14 in January 2013. His channel mainly had covers, original songs, and vlogs. The content on his vlogs was shared mainly about his life in Georgetown, Texas. His channel became popular and people liked his voice. ( Currently, he has more than 4.33 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He continued to grow his music career on March 20, 2020, he released his album Kid Krow, which had popular singles like Maniac and Heather. It debuted at number 5 on the US Billboard 200, making it the biggest US new artist debut of 2020. Today he has released 3 albums: Superache, Kid Krow, and Sunset Season.

Superache is his most recently released album, showcasing his meaningful songs. During 2022, he has been on a tour worldwide visiting places everywhere and sharing his music. His songs all have meaning to him and others who listen. One piece in particular, “Family Line,” illustrates and portrays some of his childhood and generational trauma. Many of the lyrics from that song include lyrics about domestic abuse in his family. In an interview with Tomas Mier, Gray explains that “With this album, it’s like, ‘I had a really bad childhood. I’m in a lot of pain.’” This explains that his feelings and emotions throughout his albums change, and that is something that people want with music: variety.

Conan’s music changes and affects people everywhere. The concert experience also adds to the emotions and drastically transforms and improves the impact of the music. Freshman, Ashley Tribe says, “It was fun to have a bunch of people around me that liked that same type of music I do.” In other words, the community and overall experience given at Conan’s concerts also draws people toward him and his music. Another aspect that fans of Conan love about him are that he is open and honest about his past. This makes him so much more gratifying and makes people feel like they can share and connect with him. “It’s really inspiring to see how open he is with where he comes from and how he’s grown to become such a star even with what he was given as a child.” (Lillian Cluff, 9) Given what he was given as a child and being able to turn it into a successful career in music with many loving fans gives millions the hope and confidence to be able to do whatever they want in life. He truly is an inspiration to those who didn’t start off in the greatest place or circumstance. According to, he has 20 Million monthly listeners on Spotify, thus showing how many people feel drawn to him.

When you have no songs to listen to or you need to find something that fits your feelings, listening to some of Conan Gray’s music can truly help you feel emotions and make you feel like you belong in a community.