A Look At Taylor’s Most Successful Album

Chloe Nelson, Reporter

Taylor Swift released her newest album “Midnights” on October 21, 2022. Taylor Swift announced on August 29 she was releasing her newest album at the 2022 MTV video music awards. When Taylor walked on stage to receive her award for her short film “All too well (10-minute version) (Taylor’s version)” Listeners were shocked when hearing the release of this album because they were expecting an announcement of a re-recording of one of her previous albums.

A couple of days before the release, the album got leaked on multiple social media platforms, leaving many fans shocked and upset. Many listeners voiced their opinions negatively all over Twitter saying “the style of music was off”-taylorswift06 and “her voice sounded bad”-Swiftyfanmidnight. However, many people enjoyed the difference in the type of music and were “ready for change”. Taylor never addressed the leaked album.

This album had no promotional singles leading up to its release, which is very out of the ordinary for Taylor Swift. Rather than a single, every day at midnight Taylor would release videos that she called “Midnight mayhem” on all platforms, announcing the name of each song on her album. Each announcement was randomized by a ball spinner that picked the track list number that she was going to announce. Track number 4 “Snow on the beach” stood out to many fans due to the feature of Lana Del Rey. This is the first time they have released a song together after many years of friendship. When listeners heard the song for the first time they were very disappointed to find out Lana only did backup vocals for Taylor.

After Taylor released “Midnight’s” listeners had a lot to say. Many said it was a downgrade from her previous albums, but others said it was their new favorite of hers. On a Google audience review, an anonymous reviewer says, “Exceptionally good. The lyrics are heartfelt, insightful, and well-written. Just when you think Taylor Swift’s reign might be over, she switches genres and wows.” The album has already broken records and is on the path to breaking even more. What’s in store for Taylor in the future?