The Perfect Coming-Of-Age Soundtrack For Any High School Student

Amelia Pfeifer, Reporter

The 1975’s grunge rock-inspired look and 80’s style music captivated moody teenagers’ attention everywhere. The band was formed in 2002 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK. They’re now based in Manchester where many other popular British musicians are from, like Harry Styles. The 1975 is made up of the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matthew “Matty” Healy, lead guitarist Adam Hann, bassist Ross MacDonald, and drummer George Daniel. They released their first studio recorded album “The 1975” on August 30, 2013. “Robbers” is one the most popular songs on this album because it tells the story of crazy young love and all of the hardships they go through while dating. Some honorable mentions from other albums are “Love It If We Made It”, “Somebody Else”, and “The Sound”.They gained a huge following in 2013 because of the social media platform Tumblr. It’s not just music that you listen to, it’s music that you feel.

Recently they released a brand new album “Being Funny In A Foreign Language” on October 14, 2022. This album is a very heartfelt and emotional album that touches on very serious topics and perfectly describes what it’s like being 17 in 2022. The fan-favorite song on the album is called “About you”. This song blew up on Tik Tok from fans talking about it. This song is very beautiful and about heartache. This song puts into words and music how it feels to have an unrequited love that you’ll always pine for no matter how old you are or who else you fall in love with. One of the lyrics in this song that fans are making Tik Toks to is “And I miss you on the train, I miss you in the morning” or “Do you think I have forgotten about you” .“About you” also has a duet in it with Carly Holt who is the wife of the bands lead guitarist Adam Hann. Her voice is very floaty and angelic; it pairs perfectly with Matty’s voice; the song wouldn’t be the same without Carly.

A song that perfectly describes what it’s like to be 17 in 2022 is “The 1975”. A lyric that reels in the listener is “I’m sorry if you’re living and you’re seventeen”. He feels a lot of empathy for teenagers right now because of the state of the world that we have to grow up in with politics being brought up constantly, social media, the pandemic, leaving your childhood and becoming an “adult”, and then just trying to be a teenager on top of all of that. When this song comes on it evokes an indescribable feeling, the kind you only see in movies, which they’re known for. This song makes any teenager feel seen and understood, not many artists can understand what it’s like to have to grow up in this world but the band just gets it. In an interview with Pitchfork Matty talks about how their music is “full of teen angst”. Our generation is going through something no one else has but no matter what year it is or who you are there is something that every high schooler feels, which is the inevitable feeling of your childhood coming to an end.

The 1975 seems to always understand all of the complex human emotions and what it feels like to crave any kind of human connection. “Human Too ” is about having these melodramatic feelings and feeling alone in them and craving to know if someone else is feeling these angsty emotions. This song also expresses what it’s like to be unsure of what you’re feeling and if it’s even normal to feel this way. We’re only human and these emotions are normal, everyone feels them.

The entire tracklist for this album consists of the opening song being “The 1975” which feels like the curtains being drawn back in a theater and the lights clicking on. They do this on every album to keep a consistent sound throughout their entire catalog. Then “Happiness” and “Looking For Somebody (To Love)” are the more upbeat and fun songs compared to some of the other songs on the album, but still very consistent with the theme of the harsh reality we live in at the moment but finding happiness in what you can. ”Part Of The Band”, “Oh Caroline”, and “I’m In Love With You” can be seen as love songs, well the most love song the band will get. “I’m In Love With You” is a very sweet and pop-sounding song, this song would be playing in the background of a very sweet moment in someone’s life. Matty even said in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple music that this album is “a love song for friends, which you rarely ever see.” “All I Need To Hear” is a very raw and authentic-sounding song, with acoustic instruments and Matty’s solidified vocals. He sings about wanting someone to say I love you and genuinely mean it. “Wintering” could be perceived as a song about visiting loved ones over the holidays, being surrounded by family, and feeling an overwhelming sense of love. Afterward, there’s “Human Too” and following that is “About You” which is the heart of the album. For the closing song on the album, they chose “When We Are Together” which has a lot of country influences in the instrumentals, but the actual lyrics are about having someone in your life who is your other half. They make you whole and you feel your happiest and most loved when with them. This album is the perfect soundtrack to the modern-day high school experience.