To Do or Not To Do?

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Mylee Mayne, Reporter

Some may think that the new grading policy is their savior to bad grades, but those who reach to achieve beg to differ. For some, it helps, and for others, it hinders.

Freshman Griffin Phillips pronounced his dislike for the new policy. “It’s dumb. If you don’t turn in an assignment that sucks for you… that’s not really the teacher’s fault.” he said. Some have said that the new policy is so forgiving that if you turn something in, you pass the class. Many students in more challenging classes agree that you should get the grade you deserve, rather than being handed a passing grade. This is beneficial for the students who struggle, but for those who like to excel it takes away the reward of getting a good grade. Amongst those who want the challenge the grading policy, one burning question remains,” How do we get rid of it?”(Sophie Mann,12).

Our very own staff does support the policy. They believe that the policy was put in place to help those catch up faster, make it easier for the teachers, and easier on the district overall. So far the policy has benefited staff and students, but if the policy were broken beyond repair they will terminate the policy. 

However, there are benefits to the new grading policy. Sophomore Lilith Whitmore loves the new policy. Personally, it helps them balance work, school, and extracurricular activities. “I hate homework. We have so much to do after school… I can’t do that”. Many others would agree that the new policy saves their grade and their well-being. You may understand the work and be able to do the work in class. But once you leave school it’s nonstop work, then sleep, just to do it all over again. Some simply do not have the time for schoolwork outside of school, but having this policy helps those in need.

Overall, the new policy has worked for most students and faculty. Some are upset that the classes have gotten easier, and credit isn’t given where credit is due. For others, this policy has made school so much better. They are able to focus on what they like or their job without the stress of flunking out. But whether beneficial or disadvantageous, the new grading policy is here to stay.