Outlook on Water for the Year 2023, Gilbert Arizona

Outlook on Water for the Year 2023, Gilbert Arizona

Abbey Rockwell, Reporter

Many changes in weathering have been present in Arizona so far into 2023. In order to schedule plans, activities, or even outfits, knowing the water predictions and percentages is very important. First of all, people need to know if there will be any restrictions on our water and its usage. According to gilbert az.gov, it says, “Currently, there is no immediate impact to our municipal water supplies and therefore no mandatory water restrictions to customers. Wise water use is always encouraged, and our Water Conservation Team can help you find ways to be more efficient.” The conservation of water is super important and everyone needs to be informed of ways to conserve water and keep our water levels healthy.

The U.S. Drought Monitor is the official record of drought for Federal drought relief claims. Information used by the MTC in advising the Drought Monitor authors includes numerous drought indices, precipitation, stream flow data, and impacts data. This monitor is helpful if you are wanting an update on water numbers and percentages.

It is also important to understand where our water comes from. According to new.azwater.gov, “there has been above-normal precipitation in most counties except for Mohave, La Paz, Yuma, and Yavapai. Eastern and central counties experienced above-average temperatures, with near-normal temperatures across the rest of the state. Snow water equivalent in the Lower Colorado River Basin was just over 100% of median by the end of December, with areas along the Mogollon Rim and the White Mountains ranging from 70-150% of median snow water equivalent.” Knowing where we obtain our water can help us know how to make use of it better based on the amount of it left. For example, if the rainwater has been low lately or not raining at all, people can watch how much water they use in their households, etc.

When it comes to individuals saving their water, it is not as beneficial or impactful as the whole city or even state ideas in saving water. This is because of things like budget, will, and even the amount of work they are willing to put into the effort. Recharging helps maintain groundwater levels and provides a reserve supply that can be used during shortages. The state of AZ and the town of Gilbert is using something called recharging. The act of recharging helps maintain groundwater levels and provides a reserve supply that can be used during shortages. According to gilbertaz.com, “To date, Gilbert has recharged approximately 200 billion gallons of water.” These types of efforts gain a ton of extra water that is extremely beneficial to everyone in Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert delivers reclaimed water to HOAs, golf courses, schools, parks, and other community facilities for landscape irrigation.

All in all, the water outlook for 2023 will be determined by the actions of the people in Gilbert AZ. According to portal.ct.gov some ways you can save: Don’t let the water run while shaving or brushing your teeth, Take short showers instead of tub baths, turn off the water flow while soaping or shampooing, and use the appropriate water level or load size selection on the washing machine. All of these ways will pitch into the saving of water in your area.