Chinese Spy Balloons and Other Objects Over the US

Colten Stoutenburgh, Reporter

On January 28th, the United States found a Chinese spy balloon in the US airspace near Alaska. Over the next few hours and days, it made its way through parts of Canada and then back to the US. The United States kept track of the balloon and eventually saw it going fast toward the eastern part of the US. On February 4th, a US fighter jet shot down a balloon near the coast of South Carolina. The United States said that “the best time to do that was when it got over water”. For the safety of the citizens, they did not want to shoot the balloon down in the middle of the US. Especially because the size of the Chinese balloon was about as big as the Statue of Liberty. 

From February 10th through the 12th, there were three more objects seen flying in the sky. All three were spotted above the US and Canadian air space. One was a “high altitude object“ and was shot down on the Alaskan coast. On the 11th of February, there was an unknown object shot down over Canada. The final object that has been shot down was above the Great Lakes, which is near the border of both Canada and the United States. The shape of the object was revealed to be the shape of an octagon, and had strings coming off of it. 

Since these few incidents, there have been more objects found flying around in the airspace above both Canada and the US. At this point though, the US has stopped its search for unidentified objects. 

This can be impactful to citizens and people living in North America because we do not know what the Chinese were doing over the US airspace. Their intentions and the nature of many of these objects is unknown, and as of yet there have been very few answers from those involved in investigations.