How To Make Some Money


Dollar bill and small change / No Author Listed / WikiMedia Commons / CC BY 4.0

Layni Backus

Euro, yuan, yen, lira, and the dollar are some of the different types of money. Sadly, none of these grow on trees, whether you like it or not. If you want the money you’ve got to work for it. But where should you work and will they pay enough? As a high school student If you’re looking for a job there are many opportunities—almost too many options. 

Jobs can be intimidating, but you can start slow. Babysit some neighbors’ kids. Pet sit or walk neighborhood pets. Offer to clean someone’s house or car. If you are a safe driver, you can be your neighborhood taxi driver or drive someone’s car to the car wash and get it cleaned. Mow some lawns, and wash windows. Make some treats like bread and cookies to sell. You can also make money in your home doing some family-friendly jobs. There are so many ways that you can make money in your own neighborhood to start slow.

Going out to dinner? Maybe next time you’ll be the waiter, ordering someone’s food. Or maybe you’ll be working the cash register at a fast-food restaurant. Some popular fast food places only hire at 16 or older, such as In-N-Out, Swig, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. They only require a few, superficial characteristics like being a quick learner, responsible, cheerful, friendly, upbeat, taking action, and being a team player. If these jobs are not for you, there are many more options.

You can assist a family member at their job, you can coach sports teams, or be a referee. You can also coach tumbling and dance and many others. Jobs will not be easy but they will be worth it. With this many options, you should be able to find a job that works for you.