One Final Bell


Mesa Fort Utah Lehi School Bell / Marine 69-71 / WikiMedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Hailey Hancock, Editor

Things I wish I had done during my Senior year. Oh, there are loads of things that I wish I could have done differently. Just at the moment, you don’t realize that it is going to pass you by so quickly. 

Starting with what may be controversial: documenting everything! Well not everything, but there are moments were you wish you had taken at least one picture just to hold onto later. Now I know most advice is that you should stop with the flash and just enjoy the moment. But looking through your photos for images for to add to the Senior slideshow you wished some of those moments made it to camera roll. 

Secondly, go to school events and games! Redundant I know but attending these are gonna be the majority of the memories you’ll be talking about with your friends for the rest of the year. “Remember that…” and “Oh I loved that game..”

Coming from someone who often missed these opportunities because I was busy working or just decided not to go. You miss out on the conversation come Monday when the buzz is still all you can talk about. Drag your friends along too, as the more people there are, the better the crowd atmosphere will be. Coordinate with the themes and make an effort to get to know other people too. When you reach Senior year you probably will know a good chunk of your classmates, but expanding your circle is always going to make those events more memorable. 

Third, join clubs and take classes that you think you will enjoy rather than the “easy A”. Senioritis is real and motivation is extremely depleted come the third quarter, maybe even earlier. If you are in classes you enjoy or have friends in then attending them will be more exciting rather than a chore. You will find that some classes take it easier on the seniors because they understand, and do take advantage of that. Even get to know that teacher. Having a good bond with a teacher can come in handy when it comes time to apply to colleges and just plan life post-graduation easier. They are in your corner, and they honestly want to see you succeed. 

Lastly, just enjoy it and try your best to soak it all in. Once it hits you that this is happening it might to be late. You’ll come to school that last day before the twenty-fifth and walk down those halls seeing all your old classrooms. One final bell and it’s all over; life as you’ve known it for the past twelve years is going to look a lot different come this time next year.