A Day in the Life of a Swiftie: Emma Mendoza


Jill Mendoza

Emma Mendoza in her outfit for the Era”s Tour

Audrey Cooper, Reporter

On an average school day, Emma Mendoza (12) wakes up and immediately shuffles her Taylor Swift playlist on Spotify. Starting her morning this way makes Mendoza realize that her day is set up to be a good one. When asked why she loves listening to Swift so much Mendoza stated that “I feel like the main character and she just gets it”.

As Mendoza gets ready for school, the one thing that is able to keep her awake is Swift’s singing. Once she is ready for school, the obsession continues on into the car. Mendoza even spends her time in school thinking and talking about Taylor Swift. She talks with her teachers on the daily about Swift and all of her life updates. When rumors spread that Joe Alywn and Taylor Swift broke up after six years, Mendoza told her teachers that “I don’t even believe in love anymore”. 

While walking in the hallways Mendoza’s AirPods blast her favorite album Lover. After school, it’s time for Mendoza to get ready for work at Chick-Fil-A and clock in for her lengthy shift. Swift never escapes Mendoza’s mind, “whenever I go to work, I constantly make Taylor references. She has consumed my whole being.”

Mendoza has fun going through her daily life because it’s almost a game to find Swift related references. While playing the real life game of I Spy, Mendoza emphasizes that “I have trained my brain to notice the slightest things Taylor Swift related.”

When tickets went on sale for The Eras Tour, Mendoza rushed to buy them. The days ticked by slowly, and like Swift herself sang, Mendoza felt that “time won’t fly it’s like I’m paralyzed by it.”

As the upcoming concert became visible around the corner, Mendoza took the time to plan an outfit inspired by Swift and her album Lover. Her outfit had been strategically planned as if she were a “Mastermind”. She picked out a frilly pastel flower top with sequin, paired it with some denim jeans, white platform sandals, and as the cherry on top: a rhinestone heart Swift wore around her eye. At the concert, Mendoza screamed as Swift took the stage. Even though this was her second time going to one of Swift’s concerts, Mendoza was just as excited, if not even more so, as the first time. The entire performance lasted three hours and Mendoza knew every song. She spoke on how this recent concert was one of the best she has ever been too; almost even better than Swift’s other tour that Mendoza went to: Reputation. She even stated that “when I went to The Eras Tour I cried.”

Many teenage girls love Taylor Swift, but Mendoza’s affection for Swift goes beyond the surface. Mendoza vulnerably said that “some people don’t understand why I like her so much, but I feel a personal connection to her… she is the same age and has the same birthday as my aunt who passed away from brain cancer.”

So in a way, when listening to Swift’s music it is like she is able to connect and bond with her aunt. Swift has impacted Mendoza’s life in many ways such as helping her believe she “is the main character in her story” and bringing her memories of her loved ones that have passed on. It’s not just a teenage phase for Mendoza, she will always treasure Taylor  Swift for life.