“Why security guards are important at schools”


One of the best at her job here at Highland and we appreciate everything you do!

Daniel Espinoza, Reporter

Here at Highland, Janae Sierra is one of the security guards everyone appreciates and loves. Janae has been working at Highland for four years now and still loves the job she does. When asked what made her become a security guard, she replied with “When I was in high school I always wondered what a security guard job was. It looked interesting and I wanted to give it a shot.” Janae is a hard working security guard, and while she may still be recovering from rolling her ankle pretty badly while trying to break up a fight at school, she’s a strong person mentally and physically whenever I see her. She either has a smile on her face or she’s engaging with students. It might look easy being a security guard but it’s harder than you think. Who would want to deal with kids for 8 hours of the day? I know not me

Janae enjoys her job here at Highland and when asked she said, ” I enjoy being around the kids and talking to them, even putting a smile on their face makes my day better knowing I helped someone’s day get better.” What are the responsibilities of being a security guard? If something were to happen they would have to deescalate the situation in a calm manner, protect the students here at Highland and make sure they’re safe, make sure things that shouldn’t be happening at school don’t happen, for example smoking in restrooms. Security guards are more important than you think they consistently keep watch over students, faculty, and guests.

Since Janae has been working here for four years now I would assume she has her favorites of being a security and her cons of being one. Her favorite part of working here is getting to see the kids and being able to talk to them, help them in really anything if it’s school related or not.

Her cons are having to discipline somebody, or getting them punished. She said she doesn’t like to be the bad guy but she has to do what’s right and that’s her job. I agree with her 100%. There’s going to be times when we’re going to have to do something we don’t want to do but it’s for the better and the right choice.