Highland High: Notable Alumni

Highland High: Notable Alumni

Adeline Tolman, Reporter

There are currently over 3000 students attending Highland High School, with the graduating class of 2023 containing 756 students. The graduating class of ‘23 also has the honor of being the 30th class to graduate from Highland, which might lead one to wonder just how many students have graduated from Highland High School, and what exactly they all went on to do. Due to the sheer number of Highland High alumni, it is no surprise that some went on to become regionally, and even nationally, recognized.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Scary Kids Scaring Kids (SKSK) is an American post-hardcore band founded by lead singer Tyson Stevens, guitarists Chad Crawford, DJ Wilson, and Steve Kirby, keyboardist Pouyan Afkary, and drummer Peter Costa, while they were attending Highland High School. The band members all graduated from Highland in ‘03, but the band released its first EP, After Dark, while still attending Highland. 

SKSK signed to Immortal Records in 2005. Shortly after that, the band released their debut album, The City Sleeps in Flames. In 2007, they released their second album, the self-titled Scary Kids Scaring Kids. In 2008, SKSK left Immortal Records to sign a major label deal with RCA Records. However, only a year after signing, the band officially disbanded. 

Tragically, lead singer Tyson Stevens passed away on October 20, 2014, at the age of 29. SKSK released a song five years later, in honor of what would have been Tyson’s 34th birthday, titled “Loved Forever”.

SKSK reunited in 2020 for the 15th Anniversary of The City Sleeps in Flames tour. In February of 2021, SKSK announced that they had signed to Velocity Records and were currently writing and producing new music. In May of 2022, SKSK released their third and most recent album, Out of Light.

Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn Rumfallo’s claim to fame came long before she ever attended Highland High School. Brynn first rose to fame in 2013 when she competed in America’s Got Talent with her dance team, “Fresh Faces”. In 2015, she appeared on the reality show, Dance Moms, where she became a permanent cast member until she left in 2017. Brynn was on Dance Moms for a total of three seasons. Brynn only attended Highland for part of her high school education, graduating from Wake Forest High School in North Carolina.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Anyone who claims to be a football fan knows who Brian Fitzpatrick is. Fitzpatrick graduated from Highland High School in ‘01. Fitzpatrick was a quarterback, playing for Harvard University, Saint Louis Rams, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fitzpatrick broke many college and NFL records, and was also known for his incredible, but inconsistent performances during games.

Fitzpatrick was the first quarterback at Harvard to have over 1,000 rushing yards, in addition to being named Ivy League Player of the year in 2004. Like most NFL rookies, Fitzpatrick took the Wonderlic Test, an assessment to measure cognitive ability and problem-solving skills. Fitzpatrick finished the test in nine minutes(twelve minutes are given to finish the test), and was confirmed to have the highest Wonderlic score of any NFL quarterback. He was the only quarterback in the NFL to rush a touchdown for eight different teams.

Brian Fitzpatrick left the NFL in 2022. It was later announced that he would become a pre- and post-game analyst for Amazon.

These are just three examples of some of the amazing things that Highland High alumni have done. And after 30 years of educating students, I am sure that the future alumni of Highland will go on to do even bigger and better things.