“Why teachers and staff are important”



Mrs. Nenning is very appreciated here at Highland and we thank her for everything. Today was my last RST class in her class. Will go down as one of my favorite teachers. Who knows maybe have her next year.

Daniel Espinoza

 Why are teachers and staff so important to school systems? They give students purpose, to set them up for success, and inspire them to do well in life and succeed.  Here at Highland High School Mrs. Nenning is an English teacher and is appreciated very much by the students and staff. She has been teaching her at Highland for 29 years now and next year will be her final year teaching marking it as her 30th year. Can you believe she started teaching in 1991 and is finishing her last year of teaching here at this school. It’s crazy to think she has been doing this job for almost 3 decades, and still shows up for her students and puts a smile on her face.


When asked what’s her favorite part about teaching she responded with” the students of course all the other stuff means nothing compared to teaching to these kids”. She had no cons of teaching and I thought that was surprising knowing students can give you a hard time sometimes. Knowing that she cares about her students, and to show up almost everyday for 29 years shows and tells a lot about her. Knowing it’s her last year next year, enjoy talking to her while you can because who knows if she’ll ever teach again.


If there was one thing she had for advice either for seniors graduating or incoming freshman’s coming here next year. Is to nurture your relationships you have with people either with your friends, teachers, family members because those are valuable relationships. Don’t wait to make good habitats, start working on those habitats now because if you wait till you graduate it’s almost too late already. Don’t procrastinate and get it done when it’s supposed to so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.