Better Together

Girls Varsity Volleyball Captains Work Hard to Build a Team


Janessa Lopez

The girls work together at the game on Thursday.

Megan Dietz and Jenessa Lopez

Before every practice each player of the Girls Varsity Volleyball team picks someone that they would like to be closer to, and by the end of practice both teammates would be closer. Girls Varsity Volleyball is a well known sport at Highland and contains some very hardworking, upstanding individuals. The team practices every day of the week except Sundays and they usually have games two to three times a week.

The three captains of the team are Riley Arms, Mckenna Miller, and Camryn Coates. Each captain cares about the team as a whole and tries to help everyone be successful.

The first captain, Riley Arms, is a senior here at Highland and has been playing Volleyball for eight years. When asked why she decided to start playing Volleyball she commented, “Everyone told me I should because I was so tall, and I was playing Soccer before, and when I switched I ended up liking Volleyball more than Soccer.”

Getting in the right mindset could also be a difficult thing for some players, but Riley explained that getting in the right mindset was as simple as listening to music to get in the right headspace.

The second captain of the team is Mckenna Miller, a senior here at Highland, as well. Mckenna has been playing Volleyball since third grade, and she loves the sport because it makes her happy.

“I think I connect with my teammates by having positive energy all of the time” (Mckenna Miller).

Mckenna prepares herself for games by surrounding herself with her teammates and if the team is bonded she feels they will play better.  She also demonstrates the close bond everyone on the team has with one another when saying, “All of my teammates are basically my sisters.”

The hardest part of Volleyball according to Mckenna is not letting your mind take over and staying focused on the present instead of dwelling on the past.

The third head captain is named Camryn Coates, who is also a senior here at Highland. She connects with her teammates by doing activities with the team outside of volleyball.  Her method of preparing  for each game with her team is simple. “I just relax or we go and have a party in the locker room.” Having a relaxed mindset or having dance parties to clear their minds helps build a team and prepare for the game.

Each captain is very passionate about Volleyball and their priority is to work as a team and to provide encouragement for everyone because after all, the team is better together.