Tackling Redemption

Varsity Football player stayed strong through his trial.

Brooke Hester, Writer - Staff

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Right before this year’s season started, Kyle Hester tore his meniscus in his right knee, forcing him to not be able to play for a large portion of Varsity Football this season. He was devastated that he couldn’t play for a while but there was too much pain for him to even run a simple play. His surgeon said the healing time would take 4-6 weeks until he could be cleared to play again, but because of his parents it only took 2 weeks.

“The day after my surgery, my parents took my crutches away from me and told me to walk. It was painful but it ended up speeding up the recovery process a lot.” said Hester “I also have a great trainer who had me in great shape before I hurt my knee, so it was easier to get back into everything after my surgery”.

Kyle is a junior at our school and a WR (wide receiver) on the Varsity Football team. He started out on the Freshman A team his freshman year, then moved onto JV his sophomore year. At the end of that season, Kyle was asked to join Varsity for the playoffs. Over the past 3 years he has been playing here, there have been many changes in the football community that have helped their team win a 6-2 season so far.

“We have a great new head coach. He has helped us be successful not only on the field but off the field”.

Now that he is back on the field playing, he has been able to experience the Friday night lights he has been craving for 3 years already.

“Our student section is the best. They have so much energy which helps us to keep going,” proclaimed Hester.


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