Success “Blum”s at Highland

Jamie Blum Teacher of the Year

Jamie Blum, Teacher of the Year in Lab Biology

Megan Dietz

Jamie Blum, Teacher of the Year in Lab Biology

Megan Dietz, Staff

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Jamie Blum, Lab Biology teacher here at Highland, has recently been awarded Lab Biology Teacher of the Year for the state of Arizona. This is a huge accomplishment and she humbly accepts this award.

 “It was a long process definitely, but thankfully I have the most incredible students that Highland High School has to offer.” said Blum.  Mrs. Blum loves all of her students with all of her heart and not only gives respect to the students, but she also gets a tremendous amount of respect in return.

Mrs. Blum also commented, “Relationships are by far in a way the most important piece in education when it comes to managing a classroom.” Maintaining classes are difficult, especially when having six different classes filled with lots of different personalities and backgrounds.

Mrs. Blum also teaches an AVID class in addition to her Lab Biology classes. When asked if she incorporated AVID strategies into her Lab Biology classes she responded, “Absolutely, AVID is built around the WICOR model which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading.”

AVID helps students pave their path to college, and the fact that Mrs. Blum incorporates this in all of her classes shows how successful she helps her students be.

Overall, Mrs. Blum is an amazing teacher, and she will be flying out to St. Louis in November to receive this prestigious award.


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