Wildfire smoke extends 11.6 miles out; Covering Sunny Skies in Disneyland

A Reporter's Personal Experience with the California Fires

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Wildfire smoke extends 11.6 miles out; Covering Sunny Skies in Disneyland

Megan Dietz, Staff

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Wildfires have become a very widely talked about topic in all news channels today, especially in Southern California.

On Monday October 9, I saw the effects and severity of the fires first hand.  My family was driving to Disneyland from Gilbert, Arizona when we saw the towering flames alongside the highways in Yorba Linda, California.

The flames were enormous and it was enough to have officials close down the highway 20 minutes after we got off of the highway.

At the time, I commented when seeing deer on the hill,“Those deer look so lonely and scared, hopefully they can find a way out.”

Upon leaving the highway, we arrived in Disneyland, however, the effects didn’t stop there. When we arrived the sky was coated in orange smoke and my mom commented that it looked like “a solar eclipse” due to the smoke covering the sky.

It felt different and somewhat frightening. Underneath all the smoke was a blue sky, but on that day, nobody could tell.

Yorba Linda is about 11.6 miles out from Disneyland, so imagine smoke traveling that far over the course of a few hours, and covering the whole sky.

Many houses were destroyed in the fires and many people were forced to evacuate their homes due to the smoke and close flames.

By evening the smoke cleared up in Disneyland and revealed a dark sky, but the fires continued to burn on, destroying acres of land.

The real issue at hand is, were these fires a form of arson? Were they controlled fires that turned into something bigger? Officials do not know the answer to this, but whatever it is, it needs to be monitored carefully and cautiously.


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