Introducing: Us

The Forum Gives Students a Place to Voice their Concern, Questions, and Idealogy


Hello HHS Students,

We believe you should have a voice.  We believe you can be smart, articulate, and respectful in political discussions.  So, we created “The Forum”, a public forum space for you to respond to the issues today.  Each week we will send out a new google form asking a question about a current topic.  Please respond.  And then, please go to to read your responses in “The Forum”, comment on other’s responses, and keep the dialogue going.

In addition to “The Forum”, we are also re-organizing our Sports and Arts sections to be “The Bleacher Beat”, with stories from the sidelines of HHS sports and other notable sports around the world.  Our Arts section is being transformed into “The Gallery”, where we can display your greatest works, immerse in inspiration, and talk all things art, music, theater, and everything in between.

We will still have our News from the Nest with all the current happenings and calendar of school and local events.

We hope you will enjoy the website, but more importantly, we hope you will contribute your voice to the conversation!  The best way to discover your voice is to use it.

Visit us at and join our google classroom for updates at code: c47kk

Your Highland Sun Staff