2018-2019 Staff

Matthew Heidenblut

Staff (Yearbook)

One of my favorite hobbies in life is photography whether it’s digital or film.

Luis Gallina

Section Editor (Yearbook)

My goal this year is to make sure that this year's team is fully committed to making the best Yearbook and Talon newspaper. To show the beauty of this school isn't something easy to do, but to share and capture the moments of...

Bella Vaccari

Staff (Yearbook)

My name is Bella Vaccari and I am apart of our 2018-2019 Yearbook staff! I’m so excited to be able to create an amazing yearbook for our school that you will get to keep for years on. I enjoy being involved in our school in...

Michael Tbdros


My name is Michael Tbdros. I am 16 years old and I’m from Egypt. I go to Highland High School. My goals are to achieve good grades this year for all of my classes. I also want to have fun this year in yearbook with all of my...

Cora Mitchell

Staff (Yearbook)

Hi! I’m Cora, I’m a senior, and this is me. I’m originally from Missouri, and I moved here halfway through my freshman year. I aspire to be an author when I grow up, therefore I want to pursue a degree in journalism at the...

Sidney Kolinski

Staff (Yearbook)

I first joined the Yearbook team in my sophomore year when I was recommended by a friend. Along with Yearbook, I was also the Vice President of the Extra Mile Club. Outside of school, I was working as a instructor for martial art...

Joce Harrison

Staff (Yearbook)

Hello there! My name is Jocelyn Harrison, but my friends call me Joce. I’m 15 and a sophomore here at Highland High School. I like to enjoy the little things, I enjoy quality time with my friends and family. A little bit about ...

Melanie Gagnon

Sports Section Editor (Yearbook)

I play travel basketball and basketball for the school. I also run track& field. I love hanging out with my friends and eating. Iʼm super afraid of sharks but I love the ocean.

Katie Collins


As long as I can remember, my passion has been reading good books and writing. Some of my favorite things in the world are 80s music, John Hughes movies, any kind of pasta, and dogs. I always try to keep up to date on current...

Angela Brewster

Fine Arts Section Editor/Designer

I am a senior this year at highland and this is my second year in yearbook. I hope to be more passionate and detailed in my stories and captions for this year’s yearbook. I enjoy painting, watching youtube videos, and going on cr...

Zachary Russell


Hello my name is Zach, so far high school is pretty good, I love my classes, I love my friends, the best part about school is lunch, I get to hang out and talk with my friends. My favorite class is photography, I love taking pictures...

Lexi Johnson

Photo Manager

My names Lexi, i’m a freshman at Highland High. My goal after high school is to go to college and become a Equine Veterinarian. This has been my passion since i've been a little kid and hope it becomes apart of my actual life...

Zach Warshaw

Sports Section Editor

I love reporting and sports, duh. I plan to be a Sports Broadcaster someday. I play on Highland’s Varsity Ice Hockey team, and I have played hockey since I was 8. I’m going to major in Broadcast-Journalism in College...

Kyla Rosas

Marketing Director

I’m a freshman and I’m 15 years old. I live with my dad, mom, and brother. I have two Pomeranian puppies named Winter and Hope. I love to eat but my favorite food is buffalo wings. I like to ride my penny board, go clothes...

Bella Opdyke

Marketing Director

Bella Opdyke has been in the Gilbert Public School District for ten years and is currently a freshman. She enjoys traveling and has been to 16 states, but her favorite destination is Italy where she explored the Tuscan region ...

Destiny Marquis


Hi I am Destiny Marquis, a 9th grader at Highland High School, in Gilbert Az. I love to play volleyball, take pictures, and eat food. I love watching Netflix, listing to music and writing poems. My goals in the future are to g...

Paige Krull

Opinion Section Editor

I like to watch a lot of tv, play guitar, spend time with my friends and family, and take photos. I also am a very organized person. I always love to be ahead and keep everything neat and in place. I think my goals in life would....

Caitlyn Jacoboski


My names Caitlyn, i’m a Freshman at Highland High School. Before coming to Highland I was a competitive cheerleader. Cheer has been the only sport I have stuck too. I am on the Highland Freshman Cheer Team. My goals are to bec...

Brooke Gardner

Magazine Editor

Hi I’m Brooke, I’m a freshman at the school, and I am also 15. I enjoy reading stories and learning about history as you can never stop learning about it. I try and live life in the moment and not worry about the past or fut...

Jenessa Lopez


I love reading and writing. History is my favorite subject in school. I live with my mom and my cat named Elliot. I love hanging out with my friends and watching Disney movies. I’m friendly and can pretty much get along with ...

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